In 1981 Gerald Douglas Oxby went missing in Key West, Florida

A Clue

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An adress on a "Doug Oxby" turned up. It is in Clearwater, Florida

Some years ago a internet search on my fathers name gave the hit showed above. Its from a telephone directory and states my fathers nickname (Doug), lastname and a adress in Clearwater, Florida.

I phoned the number but the lady who picked it up, claimed that there was no Doug Oxby there. “Doug” was what my father was called by friends and family.

Oxby is not a very common name in the US and even less so in Florida.

After that I called the owners of the house. The adress I found is a flat in a larger condeminium. The owners too claimed that no Oxby was living there.

I also found out that the local library which was responsible for the name and adress entry.  The entry was found only in the internet search machine called, Alta Vista, and dissapeared  again after a year or so.

If you live in vecinity of this adress, please try to see if there is anyone there looking like my father. He would be 63 years old in the year 2009. Also note if the name Doug Oxby is used by somebody else around Clearwater (FL).

Anyway be carefull but send me an e-mail if you find anything interesting.

In Alaska? My father sitting on the right side. Robert standing on the left side.

Doug in Alaska. The man on the left is Robert Johnson and on the right my father (sitting). Do you know anyone on this picture. Tell me more?


Written by siox

August 2, 2009 at 7:42 AM

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  1. Are you still looking for information on the address in Clearwater? I have gathered a good bit of information. Let me know where I can send it.


    January 18, 2011 at 4:18 PM

    • Dear Embee,

      Thank you for taking interest in my fathers dissapearance. I would much appreciate any information about the adress in Clearwater. Some years has gone by since I found my fathers short name and lastname in the mentioned phone list (Doug Oxby) . But it was quite a surprise – my lastname is a rare familyname in the US and specially in the southern states. Please send any information you have and I wil be very thankfull.

      Kind regards



      January 20, 2011 at 8:09 PM

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