In 1981 Gerald Douglas Oxby went missing in Key West, Florida

Mrs. Diana Lynn Harris

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Mrs. Diana Lynn Harris also went missing in Key West in 1981.

Diana Lynn Harris

Another disappearance in small town Key West in the the summer of 1981

Mrs. Diana Lynn Harris was only 27 years old but her daughter is still looking for her. The daughter’s investigation has been going on for years and it draws on evidence that the local police in Key West was involved in organized crime. Furthermore, the police for years, seemed deliberately to work against the daughter’s efforts, building a suspicion that they were implicated in her mother’s disappearance.

Her suspicion about the Key West Police is not pure speculation. In 1984 a huge corruption scandal was revealed in the force. See below:

Mrs. Diana Lynn Harris went missing probably in the same week of August as my father. But it could also have been earlier: probably between the middle of July until early August.

Get the details from her daughter on this homepage.

Key West Police 1984: “A Criminal Enterprise”

In June 1984, the Key West Police Department in Monroe County, Florida, was declared a criminal enterprise under the federal RICO statutes after a lengthy United States Department of Justice investigation. Several high-ranking officers of the department, including Deputy Police Chief Raymond Cassamayor, were arrested on federal charges of running a protection racket for illegal cocaine smugglers. At trial, a witness testified he routinely delivered bags of cocaine to the Deputy Chief’s office at City Hall.

Read more her.


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