In 1981 Gerald Douglas Oxby went missing in Key West, Florida


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Key West, summer of 1981

Do you know this location - is it in Key West?

Do you know this location - is it in Key West?

Probably in the beginning of august 1981 my father, Gerald Douglas Oxby, disappeared along with his sailing-boat. After a few weeks his girlfriend, Kim Goodwin, called his mother in Wales. She was worried about my father and the sailing-boat they owned together.

“Antares”  was probably stationed in the old navy harbour and marina at Fort Zachary (see map) in Key West (not in use any more).

Girlfriend threatened

On the phone Kim Goodwin explained to my father’s mother, that a man my father knew had threatened her with a gun. The man who was threatening her was the last person who was ever seen with my father.

Do you know that man? Please send me an e-mail

Key West Police would not help

My fathers girlfriend in Key West, Kim Goodwin, later wrote a few letters to his mother in Wales (UK). In one of them she explained, that she had tried to persuade the police in Key West to look into the disappearance of my father. But the police refused, so instead she turned to a private detective agency based in Key West.

Private Investigators threatened
Jack Richardson and Jerry Richardson were owners of the Key West based firm:

“Richardson Detectives”

The detectives came to the conclusion, that my father probably had fallen victim to a crime. Initially, they suspected that my father had left with the sailing-boat with the purpose of cheating Kim Goodwin from her share of the boat.
Do you know the firm, Richardson Detectives, or the two people who was runing it?

Letter from the Richardson Detectives

Letter from the Richardson Detectives

Police negligence

Because the Key West police refused to investigate,  my father has never officially been reported missing. And his body has never been found in Florida. That means that no authority has been looking for him since he disappeared in August, 1981.

I have been in Key West many years later and the local police confirms – they have no records at all about my father.

My only hope is that ordinary citizens – like you – are willing to help me. According to the Office of Vital Statistics, his body has not been found in the State of Florida. This means that there is a theoretical possibility that he is still alive.

Gerald Douglas Oxby_missing person poster

Print out a poster describing it all in one page.

In many ways the attitude of the Key West Police and the pattern of events resembles the disappearance of Mrs Diana Lynn Harris. She went missing only weeks later.


Written by siox

July 26, 2009 at 3:09 PM

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  1. Sorry to read about your father’s disappearance.
    My son, Tom, disappeared from his home on Sugarloaf Key, July 24, 1995. The wife said he walked into the woods and committed suicide. No body has ever been found. And the wife moved her boyfriend into the home.
    Many discrepancies in the case. Investigated by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Dept. but not a thorough investigation. I gave them leads but they didn’t check them out. The wife’s boyfriend has an “in” with the sheriff’s dept. The case is listed as 3 possibilities…suicide, homicide, or he’s still alive. The wife and her second husband knew Diana Harris, who disappeared in Aug. of 1981.
    You are in my prayers. Rose Stump

    Rose Stump

    August 3, 2009 at 10:03 AM

    • Dear Rose,
      I really hope you some day will get an answer to your sons disappearance!
      With so many unexplained disappearances in the Key´s the FBI or some other authority should have done more to look into cases like this.



      July 1, 2011 at 8:01 PM

  2. We need to talk! Go to to see the similarities!

    Lisa Gandolfo

    September 28, 2016 at 1:27 AM

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